Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Language Mission, Learn Python in Two Weeks

There won't be much on human language blogging for a little while, as I am very busy right now. I do need to return to the revelations made as I started learning Hindi at some point. I am not turning into Harry Potter and don't want to be able to talk with snakes, Python is a programming language (purists would say scripting language) and I have a good reason to get a good grasp of it in about two weeks. I already know a number of programming languages and that gives me a huge advantage, also I have learnt a lot about learning which is even better :)

There will be documentation of how I get on and how my approach will be similar to learning human languages (although the task is not so similar as many believe) the documentation will be elsewhere but the links posted here. The end result to prove to myself that I have made reasonable progress and after a quick look around will be to get Django (a Python framework for web development) running off of a web server on an Android mobile phone serving a prototype dictionary app that will look up Chinese words and return definitions. As far as I can tell I don't think anyone has done exactly that before. Python scripting on Android devices is possible thanks to Google, the app right now though is just an open source dictionary text file, nothing more than that. Getting an environment together to run a web-service using Django and code to run searches against the dictionary will be fun.

At the same time I have work etc. and a couple of other personal projects to fulfil.

Essentially the concept is a little bonkers, but part of it will help with learning for a real Android app. I want to develop and a real dictionary website (on a proper web-server ;)). Making a quirky prototype means it will get thrown away (which is what should happen).