Sunday, 19 September 2010

FSI Thai Course

I have decided to give the FSI Thai course a go. The Foreign Service Institute released their courses for a number of languages to the public domain a long time ago. The courses are old fashioned but they have text and audio and a very reasonable price (free).

I am using the wiki backup and also the extras at The dictionary resources are useful as I am not formally studying the written Thai language yet (I don't mind looking at it and starting to guess a little though).

Mostly I will be listening to the audio, I will report back on how useful I find it.


  1. The FSI materials are old, but good.

    We put together the wiki because the pdf's were in transliteration (no Thai script). If transliteration is what you want, then printing the originals might be a help.

    Our plan is to update the dialogues and then record new sound files. Time...

  2. yes the Thai script is beyond me right now (not actively learning it either). But I a mainly interest in the sounds (albeit rather old).

    I know what you mean about time, I have no idea where it goes :(.

  3. I've recently listened to the first 30 or so episodes of the FSI Basic Thai Reader that I downloaded a long time ago. Apart from the slow pace, which confused me more than helped, I quite enjoyed the content. They tell you a lot about Thai society and culture (some of which is a bit out-dated by now, though). I think there are transcripts and vocab lists etc. available, too, but I just use the mp3s. If you want to work with formal material, I can recommend the Basic Reader for its interesting content.