Saturday, 2 October 2010

Women Learning Thai

Not just because I got a brief mention, but because it is great site, I want to put in a strong recommendation for the site Women Learning Thai. There are a lot less Thai learning resources on the Web than Mandarin resources (although enough to be highly useful), however Women Learning Thai is about as good as they come in either language. A lot of posts covering reviews, other resources, instructional material, culture, guest writers etc. etc. etc.

What is most pleasing is that the site is pretty much approach neutral, although Catherine Wentworth is happy to present her own views on approach to language learning in posts or comments, other views and approaches are equally well represented, the interviews with successful Thai language learners for example. I think this is a key factor to the success of the site as a learning resource.

BTW although I was a little nervous at first, men are welcome :). I can only recommend that new Thai learners start by browsing there, if not I sure that gravitational force will pull them in soon from other parts of the web.

I notice my RSS feed from the site on the left-hand side is obviously the wrong one (I'll fix that).


  1. I can only agree. WLT is very comprehensive and approach-neutral, and that's a great combination. Besides that, she's very friendly and positive, and her blog lacks the outbursts of aggression we tend to see elsewhere in the language learning blogosphere.

  2. Chris, thank you for the sweet writeup. And Andrej, thank you for the kind words as well. I've had a fantastic time watching the original idea for WLT evolve into what you see now. When I started, the name was perfect (a small place on the web to throw the resources I found).

    The name to my site does throw some guys off. And if it they can't face linking to, they can always come in via

    I purchased the second domain name for when I finally know what I'm talking about. I'm still waiting :-D