Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Brimming with Thai

A quick post about something that has started happening recently, I am listening to a fair amount of Thai in the background, sometimes lessons, sometimes radio or Thai podcasts. Like those songs that stick in your head phrases sometimes keep circulating, sometimes I know what the whole phrase means, sometimes just a word or two.

The phrase right now is wang-wa je-di po gan yi -> Hope/wish **** see/meet together again. I feel I should know that jedi means, feels like I have heard it quite a lot, I will know it soon for sure.

Interesting that I have filled my head with so much Thai that it is starting flow back out. And that mostly listening in dead time whilst not paying full attention.

On a related note, the word lao-gore or similar what does that mean? I keep hearing it, I will know soon for sure.

Note (added 24/05/10)

Lao gore means something like "and" or "besides", many words seem to start of as sounds I notice and then wait for meanings to arrive (usually needs video), or I am listening to a lesson without paying attention and pick-up a meaning (approximate of course) to apply to the sound.

That gore sound is going to be interesting seems to be a filler and much more. The next sound was senme, senme = always (or maybe often) that one hasn't quite gelled obviously.

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