Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I am going to stop logging times in posts and record them in the sidebar of this blog, time to get a little more organized. The timings for the first week are copied below.
Listening: 8.5h
Background listen: 10.0h
Video: 3h
Lessons: 6h
Conversation: 15s

That is a shock, it means in the first week I spent over 25hrs learning Thai, how is that possible? I was shocked at first but thinking on it the background listening is easy to rack up hours, can listen to Thai whilst working (not in meetings of course), listen to Thai whilst writing these blog posts, whilst shopping etc. etc. Attentive listening is a little more focused but can be done whilst driving, walking, about to drop off to sleep and I was aided heavily in the first week by the fact that my family put up with Thai in the car whilst I was driving them places. Video, well I watched a film that accounts for some, technically some of my video gets logged to one or other form of listening, because there is a lot of content on Youtube and I may be playing that in the background whilst doing something else on the computer. Don't feel sorry for me I put a lot more EFFORT into writing blog posts than learning Thai.

Edit: 16/06/2010 I have added a book category to my timings, that will cover reading books about Thai etc. Eventually I guess I will need to add a further for actually reading Thai books etc.

Edit 01/06/2010: I hated trying to do timings, I don't think I even did a very goods job a few of the figures don't quite add up. In theory it should be simple, I am a computer programmer after all, however I like to be random and spontaneous. I think my timings are near enough to still be useful for the first eight weeks but am stopping any effort to maintain them. Going forward I may put forward some finger in the air estimates.

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