Sunday, 4 April 2010

Three movies

Great action and stunts, the girl lead character has an annoying voice, though.

The Films

The first week I rewarded myself with a Thai film, Ong Bak the Beginning, a Tony Jaar movie.
The next week my wife was going out with some friends on Thursday evening leaving me to my own devices, my sons are big enough and ugly enough to look after themselves or in the case of the older two go out and come back past my bedtime ;) so I picked up two more Tony Jarr movies on special offer for £5. The movies were the original Ong Bak and Warrior King, note I could have picked them up even cheaper on Amazon.

I watched Ong Bak the Beginning twice the first time on my own the second time with my eldest son, he is into martial arts, street acrobatics and free running so loved the film and we could talk about the stunts etc. I am getting fit again with his help and can teach him a few martial art tricks. Now I am happy in this case to run the English subs, pure input exponents won't like this but I will address this in a later post, I was paying attention to the Thai language a lot, obviously I could not understand hardly anything but am getting used to the flow and sounds, a few tiny bits I could understand for example "I understand" he says, "good" the master replies.

That Thursday was fun I enjoyed both the other films, probably better material because they are in a contemporary setting, Warrior King has a couple of long sequences of Mandarin Chinese which was annoying, a slap in the face (look how much Chinese you can understand, it is going to switch back to to Thai in a minute and you will understand next to NOTHING) get thee behind me Satan, I dispelled the voices and returned to focusing on meaningless babble.

The Point

I will watch the other two films again soon and then watch them all again in a few weeks, my input methodology will shock some with the amount of hours effort that I seem to be putting in but for example these three films x 2 = about 9 hours attentive listening. No work no effort, I enjoyed them all and would have enjoyed them even if not learning Thai (my son had watched a few clips of Tony Jaa shared with his free running friends anyway and has been pestering me for a while to watch the movies). A lot of my other listening is in otherwise dead time.


  1. Hey, I have that Ong Bak on DVD. Mine has Thai and Japanese audio tracks. The characters have good voices in Japanese.

  2. I don't think mine has Japanese, if is does it might come in useful one day. A couple of things that I have watched online that I previously watched in Japanese (Anime) seemed to have very good Thai audio.

  3. Only the one published in Japan has the Japanese audio track and Japanese subtitles are available as well. It doesn't come with Thai subtitles though. It's too bad they don't make all the audio tracks available on one DVD.